Web Design & Development

Creating a balance between cutting edge design solutions and custom built programming. We work to be a cut above the rest. Constantly evolving through implementing fresh ideas in our designs and developing state of the art websites that provide for seamless navigation.

Get in touch with us and you will receive:

  • Websites that are unique in both design and development.

  • Search Engine Compatible Websites.

  • Web solutions to reflect a range of needs for your online users.

  • Custom built and user-friendly content management systems.

We are flexible and in our opinion, anything is possible.

Brand Design

At Zamoya we take the time to learn about our clients; what they do, what they offer to their clients and what they are all about. With this information, we come up with the best logos, colors, animation effects and even slogans that will stick into their clients' minds. Some of our clients that have experienced this are: Kenfresh, Cayenne, Hot Air Safaris, Cosmic Safaris and many more.

Social Media

Expanding your brand through facebook is quite a new venture for businesses in East Africa. Consumers spend more time on social networks than any other form of website. We can help you make the most of this new emerging opportunity by making your brand: more social, accessible and helping you maximise your engagement with clients.

We have been designing websites for 5 years, so we know what it means to have an online presence. We can not only set up your social presence, but manage your page on a daily basis. We will make your grow through online social media in a BIG way.

Hosting & Domains

Registering your domain name and getting your website and emails hosted tends to be a headache. We enable small businesses and organizations to create a dynamic web presence without the need for extensive technical knowledge or resources. Let us take that off your hands and give you the support you need. We have very advanced and secure servers and execute operational backup cycles on a regular basis guaranteeing your data stability. Leave it to us, we're good at quietly getting the job done.

Suburban Boards

Getting your brand on the streets! We have a selection of suburban boards in the suburban areas of Nairobi, which you can occupy with your advert. Strategically placed in areas of high traffic flow, you will be able to reach a wide audience for an extended period of time. Take the plunge and get your brand seen 24/7.

Flash Designs & Presentations

Flash presentations are compelling business communication tools. At Zamoya we offer flash presentations that are much more engaging than regular slideshows. Clients prefer using flash presentations rather than the conventional PowerPoint presentations. They are the most effective and more captivating ways to get your point across.